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Back Pain Treatment


Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPCs) and Medicare Rebates at Gungahlin Physiotherapy
and Sportscare Centre. Despite the shift to Chronic Disease Management Plans (CDMs),
we still refer to them as EPCs for simplicity.

Services Offered:



Home Visits:

Exercise with Equipped Gym:

Our experienced physiotherapists develop personalised
treatment plans to address mobility issues, pain management, functional
limitations, and more.

We offer aquatic therapy in a heated pool environment to improve
strength, flexibility, and overall well-being for individuals with mobility challenges
or chronic conditions.

For those unable to visit our clinic, we provide home visits to ensure
continuity of care and convenience.

Our gym enables us to conduct tailored exercise
programs that improve strength, endurance, balance, and functional abilities.


NDIS Report Writing Services:

Our team can also write comprehensive reports required for NDIS funding including:

● Assessment Reports: Detailed evaluations of functional abilities, limitations, and

● Treatment Progress Reports: Updates on response to interventions, changes in
functional status, and achievements towards rehabilitation goals.

● Goal Attainment Reports: Tracking progress, milestones achieved, and outlining
future objectives.

● Functional Capacity Reports: Assessments of mobility, activities of daily living,
communication, and social participation.

Benefits of Our Services:

Expertise in NDIS requirements and reporting standards.

Clarity, detail, and timeliness in report delivery.

● Collaboration with NDIS participants, carers, and allied health professionals.

● Holistic approach to support funding approvals and positive outcomes.

How to Access Our Services:

To access our NDIS services, including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, home visits,
exercise programs, and report writing, please contact Gungahlin Physiotherapy and
Sportscare Centre.

Call us on 6242 5050


Billing and Payment:

As a registered NDIS provider, our services are covered under NDIS funding. We assist you in understanding your NDIS plan, funding allocations, and ensure transparent billing and payment processes aligned with NDIS guidelines.

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