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Tyler Wong

Principal Physiotherapist


Tyler is Canadian born and raised. Prior to pressuring physiotherapy Tyler earned his a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Beedie school of business at Simon Fraser university in Canada.  

Before moving to Australia, Tyler spent his extra time playing in many sports leagues for 13 years - American football, basketball, hockey and volleyball. Along with playing golf with friends on a regular basis. 

Tyler has always enjoyed sports and helping others and returned to study a Bachelor Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology. He then moved to Australia to study Physiotherapy and earned a Master of Physiotherapy from the University of Canberra in 2014. 

Tyler has almost a decade of experience of experience in treating the young, the old and the elderly with musculoskeletal, sports and work related injuries in private practice. In 2018 Tyler expanded his knowledge in helping to treating senior patients by working in age care on top of working full time in private practice. 

Tyler enjoys treating all cases and conditions from elite athletes to office workers and those playing causal sport.

He will take the time to learn why you may have pain finding the cause for your condition and then collaborate to make goals to help make a full recovery. Tyler uses a variety of manual therapy techniques including myofascial release, mobilisation and dry needling. He will follow up with prescriptive individual exercises. You can also expect a detailed recommended action plan personalised for your condition.


Over the years, Tyler has done a variety of additional courses, training and professional development to further his skills and to better look after his patients


 The courses include: 

  • Integrated Dry needling 

  • TMJ and Headaches

  • Pelvis & Lumbar Spine

  • Cervical & Thoracic Spin

  • Myofascial Techniques

  • Complex Foot & Ankle

  • Thoracic Cage

  • Orthodrics and Foot

  • Lower Back

  • Thoracic Ring Approach

  • Thoracic Spine and Neck

  • Lower Limb Biomechanics & Orthotics Therapy

Foot Massage_edited.jpg


& Foot


Dry Needling




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Thoracic Spine & Neck

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Working Days





8:00 am - 7:00 pm      

8:00 am - 7: 00 pm   

2:00 pm - 7:00 pm    

8:00 am - 7:00 pm     

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