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Alana Coombe


Alana is a pillar at Gungahlin Physiotherapy & Sportscare Centre, showcasing steadfast dedication to the field. Known for delivering tailored rehabilitative care, she prioritizes empowering patients to achieve their post-injury potential, minimizing future risks, and improving overall quality of life.

Alana is a distinguished alumna of the University of Canberra, where she earned her Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Since 2017, she has been a cornerstone of the Gungahlin Physiotherapy and Sportscare Centre, demonstrating unwavering commitment to the field. Over the years, Alana has consistently upheld a reputation for delivering comprehensive rehabilitative care to her patients, meticulously tailoring each treatment regimen to align with their individual objectives and motivations. Her primary focus is on empowering clients to reach their full physical potential post-injury, mitigating the risk of future injuries, and enhancing their overall quality of life.

Alana not only excels in her clinical work but also thrives as an accomplished physio based Pilates instructor. Her commitment to this aspect of her profession is indicative of her dedication to overall patient well-being. As an experienced Pilates instructor, Alana designs and conducts engaging classes every Thursday evening. Her classes are thoughtfully designed to enhance core strength, improve stability, and promote balance. Her teaching methodology is rooted in a deep understanding of the human body's biomechanics and its intricate connection to core strength. This focus on core strength is not merely about physical aesthetics; it is about providing her clients with the foundation necessary for optimal physical performance and injury prevention. Balance is the other cornerstone of Alana's Pilates class. She recognizes that balance is a vital element of overall health and fitness, helping her clients not only to move with grace and agility but also to reduce the risk of falls and injuries, especially as they age. Alana's classes are designed to create a well-rounded program, ensuring that her clients experience a comprehensive approach to fitness and wellness.


Alana's unwavering pursuit of professional excellence is evidenced by her attendance at various advanced courses, notably in the realms of Pilates and specialized treatments for lumbar spine and pelvic region pain. Her clinical acumen is particularly dedicated to the intricate management of lower back injuries, neck discomfort, and headache treatment. Alana consistently deploys Pilates and other rigorous strengthening protocols to alleviate pain and elevate the well-being of her patients.

Outside of her clinical responsibilities, Alana is an avid enthusiast of indoor bouldering and hiking. She is also a fervent advocate of pioneering and introducing challenging exercises to enrich the fitness journeys of her Pilates class attendees. Her dedication extends beyond the clinic, ensuring a well-rounded approach to healthcare and wellness.


Over the years, Alana has done additional training and courses, to stay on top of the latest treatment trends and research to further her skills so that she could best look after her patients.


 The courses include: 

  • Pilates 

  • Lumbar Spine 

  • Myofascial Techniques

  • Hand 

  • Women's Heath

  • Lower Back

  • Thoracic Spine and Neck

Pre and post-pregnancy physiotherapy plays a crucial role in supporting women's health during and after pregnancy.   **Pre-Pregnancy Physiotherapy:**  1. **Assessment and Planning:**    Physiotherapists assess a woman's musculoskeletal health, pelvic floor strength, and overall fitness before pregnancy. This evaluation helps in developing a personalized exercise and wellness plan.  2. **Core Strengthening:**    Targeted exercises focus on strengthening the core muscles, including the pelvic floor, which can help support the spine and prepare the body for the physical changes during pregnancy.  3. **Education:**    Physiotherapists provide guidance on maintaining proper posture, body mechanics, and exercises that are safe during pre-pregnancy. Education may also include advice on nutrition and lifestyle modifications.  **Post-Pregnancy Physiotherapy:**  1. **Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation:**    Physiotherapy addresses pelvic floor dysfunction common after childbirth, helping to restore str

Pre & Post


Physiotherapy-led Pilates is an integrated approach that combines the principles of physiotherapy with the core-strengthening benefits of Pilates exercises. This specialized form of Pilates is guided and supervised by a qualified physiotherapist, offering a targeted and personalized approach to address specific musculoskeletal issues and promote overall well-being. Here's what you can expect from physiotherapy-led Pilates:  1. **Individualized Assessment:**    Physiotherapists assess your musculoskeletal health, movement patterns, and any specific issues or injuries. This assessment informs the development of a tailored Pilates program to address your unique needs.  2. **Rehabilitation Focus:**    Physiotherapy-led Pilates often has a rehabilitative focus, targeting areas of weakness, imbalance, or injury. The exercises are chosen to enhance strength, flexibility, and functional movement, with the goal of aiding in the recovery process.  3. **Core Strengthening:**    Pilates is well-kn


The lumbar spine, often referred to as the lower back, is the region of the vertebral column between the thoracic (mid-back) spine and the sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine). It consists of five vertebrae, labeled L1 through L5. The lumbar spine is responsible for supporting the upper body's weight and facilitating movements such as bending and twisting.  Issues such as lower back pain, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis can affect the lumbar spine. Physiotherapy interventions for lumbar spine issues may include exercises to strengthen the core muscles, improve flexibility, and address posture.

Lumbar Spine & Pelvic

Women's Health Physio



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