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Alana Coombe


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Alana graduated from the University of Canberra with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, and has been working at Gungahlin Physiotherapy and Sportscare Centre since 2017. Over this time Alana has endeavoured to provide thorough rehabilitation to all patients, focusing on their personal goals and motivations to guide their treatment. She has a keen interest in strengthening clients to their fullest capacity following injury, to prevent any future injuries and give the best possible quality of life. Alana also teaches a Pilates class on a Thursday evening, focusing on core strengthening and balance to create a well-rounded program.


Alana has attended various courses in Pilates, lumbar spine and pelvic region pain, and has a keen clinical interest in lower back injuries, neck and headache treatment, and using Pilates and other strengthening regimes to reduce pain. 


Outside of the clinic Alana enjoys indoor bouldering and hiking, and finding challenging exercises to try with her Pilates class attendees. 


Over the years, Alana has done additional training and courses, to stay on top of the latest treatment trends and research to further her skills so that she could best look after her patients.


 The courses include: 

  • Pilates 

  • Lumbar Spine 

  • Myofascial Techniques

  • Hand 

  • Women's Heath

  • Lower Back

  • Thoracic Spine and Neck

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Pre & Post




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Lumbar Spine & Pelvic

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